Sunday, May 04, 2008

ah, the life of a second shooter.
I had honor of helping Sandy from shoot a beautiful beach wedding Saturday. One problem, the bride broke her foot, " how were WE going toget her down to the beach?" so I came up with this bright idea of getting a beach wheelchair. so after parking my truck, at the church. I ran a mile and a half to get the wheelchair. yes, a mile and a half. I get to Pier 60 , the lifeguard tells me I can have the wheelchair, but for only an hour. I beg, plead, tell him my story, p l e a s e let me have it overnight. I promise and swear on everything holy I will bring it back. he says leave 1,500 and I can do it. I hand over my Toys r' us visa, and I am pushing this wheelchair a mile and a half back through Clearwater beach.
the story gets better. we shoot the wedding everything is great, the bride decides not to go to the beach.
ouch .
all that work for nothing. such is the life of a second shooter.
here is bobby the lifeguard laughing about my story.

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